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Our smallest family members are full of potential—but also the most vulnerable. Left untreated, social/behavioral/emotional issues can seriously compromise a child’s long-term success. Together, we can learn about the importance of early detection and our community’s resources for intervention and support.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: Georgia’s children, birth to age 8, will have increased access to screening, assessment and referrals to appropriate services to meet their social and emotional needs.

Vision Statement: To inspire, promote, and sustain positive outcomes and holistic wellness across every developmental domain for all Georgia’s children.

Five Prevention and Promotion Strategies

  • Screening and assessment in a range of child-serving settings
  • Integration of behavioral health into primary care settings
  • Mental health consultation in early care and education
  • Family strengthening and parent skills training
  • Enhanced home visiting through increased focus on social and emotional well-being

8 clues your child may be having trouble with social, emotional, or behavioral challenges

Raising children to succeed is a big job. We’re here to support you. Early assessment of your children’s strengths and needs—and providing the proper care— can boost their overall well-being.

Your child does not look at you when you talk to him/her.

Your child hurts themselves on purpose.

Your child clings to you more than you’d expect.

Your child is too friendly with strangers.

Your baby cries for very long periods of time.

Your child bullies other children.

Your child has trouble falling asleep.

Your child steals items from home or school.

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Use Project LAUNCH Georgia to access free screenings for healthy child development. If needed, we can put you in touch with community services that are dedicated to helping kids thrive. Ask how to give your little ones the best start in life—beginning today. To schedule your assessment, please fill out our web friendly form.

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